By Ron Johnson, Professional Angler  Over the years, we’ve seen countless fishing lures hit the market, but there are few that have stood the test of time like the Spinnerbait has. The Spinnerbait has been one of the best bass catching lures for decades, and spring is the perfect time to tie one on the line. The allure of a Spinnerbait is its vibration and flash, along with a profile that appears as baitfish. Here in Arizona, the Gizzard Shad and Threadfin Shad are one of the primary food sources for bass and other predators. Since Shad prefer the...
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By Ron Johnson, Professional Angler Deciding on what fishing reel to use is just as important as selecting your fishing rod. In a recent blog, Ron discussed fishing rod types, length, and action to help you choose the right type for your style of fishing. Fishing Reels are also a critical component when pairing with your fishing rod, so we will discuss how to choose the best one for you. Fishing reels exist in both left- or right-hand retrieve styles and are basic to advanced depending on your skill level. All fishing reels will vary in price, and much of...
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Any time you’re fishing a body of water where there are Shad, Smelt, Alewives, Gizzard Shad or other baitfish, a Soft Jerkbait should be part of your arsenal. Soft Jerkbait lures like the Kalin’s Jerk Minnow are very versatile and can be used while fishing in open water or heavy vegetation, and in just about any depth of water. This makes these types of lures a prime baitfish imitation when targeting Bass or other gamefish. Below are a few ways I recommend rigging a Jerk Minnow trying when targeting bass: A weighted Spinhead style of lure is a great way...
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If you spend any amount of time in the sun, you understand the importance of using a good sunscreen. Even when it is chilly or cloudy outside. While I can’t stress protecting your skin from harmful sunrays enough, you must take extra steps to keep it away from your tackle and equipment. Sunscreen comes in a variety of applicators-from pumps, to squeeze bottles and sprays. I personally prefer the lotion style, which may take longer to apply, but it does apply more evenly and is less likely to damage your tackle, among other things. Have you ever used a can...
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One of the many benefits of living in Arizona is the year-round fishing. When most of the county is under ice, we still enjoy the open waters on our lakes, rivers, and streams throughout the winter. If you’re somebody who loves to chase panfish, particularly Crappie, there may be no better time for Arizona anglers to target this species. Crappie are not only fun to catch, but I must admit they are one of my favorites to eat as well. You can find Crappie in most of our Arizona reservoirs, and many of our urban lakes. Some of my favorite...
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