Choosing the right firearm isn’t quite as easy as going to the store, picking out the same Smith & Wesson 29 revolver you saw in the movie “Dirty Harry,” and then going home ready to fight off the bad guys. Finding the right gun takes a little bit of time, research, and practice! And since you’re reading this article on selecting the right firearm for you, we know that you’re serious about getting armed—with information—first. Whether you’re looking to protect your turf from criminals or want to be the predator on a hunting trip, after reading this article you’ll be...
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Looking to add a new pet to the family? Congratulations! Before you get started, there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself. One of the most important questions you need to answer is: where are you going to look for this new addition? At Shoppers Supply, we don’t discriminate. We love all pets, but we have a special place in our hearts for rescue pets. They’re the faces you see behind bars at a shelter, the abused animals that were rescued from terrible circumstances, and the strays that are lost and looking for a loving home. No...
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Tips for Getting Rid of Bugs, Insects, and Snakes Living in the desert has its perks—such as beautiful sunsets, mild winters, and endless hiking trails—but it also comes with a few annoying pests. Namely, Arizona based insects, scorpions, and snakes. Arizona is made up of 14 different biomes. Each biome is characterized by diverse vegetation, animals, bugs, insects, and more. This means that there are countless pests calling Arizona home. Whether you’re new to the Grand Canyon state or are a native, there are a few steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of coming across one of these...
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How to Keep Your Horse’s Hooves Healthy Horse hoof care is one of the most important, yet sometimes forgotten, requirements for a healthy horse. This article will provide some basic horse hoof care tips to help you get started! Your Friend, the Farrier The farrier is one of the most important partners you and your horse have, besides the veterinarian. Make sure you choose a reputable, experienced one that you can trust! The farrier trims hooves, inspects shoes, and detects and corrects any problems such as under-run heels, a club foot, or flare in the hoof walls. And of course,...
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Owning a dog can be a lot of work, but ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you the love and companionship you receive is well worth the time and effort! When you first bring home your new furry friend, you’ll be over joyed by how cute and loving they are. But more often than not, you’ll also quickly be overwhelmed by how un-trained they are, how frequently they pee (inside your house), and how much endless energy they seem to have...
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A town of many ranchers, horses, etc. needed a farm store like Shopper’s Supply! It has many things the local hardware & feed store does not carry and at good prices too! Employees seem friendly & helpful, so a joy to shop. Like being able to bring my dog in with me!
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