Community Involvement

Thank you for considering Shoppers Supply in your efforts to make a difference in the community. Please read our community guidelines and fill out the form below to get started!

Community Involvement Guidelines:

At Shoppers Supply, we strongly believe in the importance of giving back to the community. Through charitable donations, partnerships and more, we pride ourselves and our community on the work we are able to accomplish to benefit others in need. To ease the process of coming together, we have laid out some of our general guidelines for community involvement. Please read through the information below, and if it sounds like a good fit for your organization, fill out the contact form.

Involvement Types:

  • Furthering the good work of 4H and FFA
  • Enhancing the lives of pets and their owners
  • Continuing western traditions
  • Those who serve our community and country

Partnerships We Offer:

  • We are happy to sponsor non-profits, events, clubs, schools, and associations when results of the investment can be measured. A sponsorship can be in variety of forms, such as in-kind product, discounts or a financial contribution.
  • Shoppers Supply enjoys hosting non-profits, allowing your organization to hold events in our stores that may enhance the shopping experience, as well as aid in raising funds for the organization.
  • In rare circumstances, we may support an individual. We reserve this type of support for emergency situations and prefer that the support be given via a qualified 501c non-profit organization.

Qualified Non-profits

To be a qualified non-profit, organizations must be local—in a county served by one of our Shoppers Supply store locations—must be a non-profit, community-based, religious or educational organization. Your non-profit organization must also qualify under IRS section 501c to be qualified for community involvement with Shoppers Supply.

Shoppers Supply respectfully asks that you submit your requests two (2) months prior to your deadlines to ensure enough time is allotted.

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