From tack and feed to grooming and health and wellness supplies, you’ll find everything you need to keep your horses happy and healthy. And if you’re like us and treat your horses like family, you’ll be overjoyed when you first see what we carry in our large and well-stocked equine department!

We carry such a vast line of equine products that we couldn’t possibly fit them all on our website. Browse the categories below to get a better idea of the types of products we offer, then take a ride down to any of our locations to pick-up your supplies!

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From showing to pleasure riding, deciding exactly what saddle and bridle is appropriate for your horses and disciples can be a challenging task. When tacking up, you must consider the fit, size, weight, comfort, and appearance. That’s where our wide product line and courteous staff step in. From name brand bits and bridles, roping equipment, reins, and more, you’ll find every piece of horse tack you’ll need to keep you and your horses happy.

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What We Carry

  • Bits
  • Breast collars
  • Bridles
  • Cinches
  • Leads & Halters
  • Leather cleaners
  • Leg gear
  • Pads
  • Reins
  • Roping equipment
  • Show tack
  • Tack repair
  • Trail & Packing gear
  • Training aids
  • And more

Who We Carry

Cactus Saddlery Saddle Barn Weaver Leather And More

Stable Supplies

You know how they say the kitchen is the heart of the home? Well, to us, the stable is the heart of all equine care. An organized and stocked stable will make the world of difference for you and your horse’s health and happiness. Keep your stable in prime condition and stop by your nearest Shoppers Supply location. We offer an extensive selection of stable supplies including hay, feeders, bedding, and fans, so you’re sure to find everything on your list. Trust us, with our high-quality stable supplies, your horses are sure to thank you later.

Receive a 5% Discount on:

Stall Mats – When You Buy 25 or More
Shavings & Bedding Pellets – When You Buy 20 or More Bags
Salt Blocks & Bags – When You Buy 20 or More

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What We Carry

  • Blankets
  • Buckets
  • Carts
  • Fans
  • Feeders
  • Fly control
  • Fly deterrent
  • Hay
  • Hay bags
  • Pine pellet bedding
  • Pitchforks
  • Rice hull bedding
  • Saddle racks
  • Salt licks & Holders
  • Stall mats
  • Straw bedding
  • Tanks & Tubs
  • Toys & Treats
  • Wood shaving bedding
  • And more

Who We Carry

Pyranha Miller Manufacturing Tough1 Weaver Leather And More

Grooming Supplies

You consider your horses to be part of the family, so why treat them any differently? Give your horses a shiny coat and skin with our equine grooming supplies. A good grooming session using our products will have your horses looking good and feeling comfortable. We carry top brand names including St. Croix Forge and Mane ‘n Tail, so your horses are treated using the finest products available on the market.

Take a ride to your nearest Shoppers Supply location to shop our vast selection of brushes, hoof care, clippers, detanglers, and more.

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What We Carry

  • Brushes
  • Clippers
  • Detanglers & Shine products
  • Hoof care
  • Shampoo & Conditioners
  • And more

Who We Carry

andis Cowboy Magic Decker Farnam Mane 'n Tail Weaver Leather And More

Health & Wellness

When tending to your horses, make sure you’re giving them the appropriate amount of attention. Just like humans, horses require health and wellness care on a daily basis. At Shoppers Supply, we go to great lengths to ensure our wide variety of products support your horses’ well-being. Looking for fly control? We have it. What about treats to keep your horses happy? No problem. Trying to stay up on their vaccines? We have that, too! Our stores are fully stocked with everything you need to keep your horses’ health in tip-top shape.

Shop Horse Medications

What We Carry

  • Allergy
  • Calming
  • Colic preventatives
  • Dewormers
  • Digestive
  • Electrolytes
  • First Aid & Liniments
  • Fly control
  • Hoof care
  • Performance & energy
  • Skin & Coat care
  • Supplements
  • Treats
  • Vaccines
  • Veterinary products
  • Veterinary products
  • And more

Who We Carry

AgriPro ANDOVER Durvet Farnam Formula 707 Manna Pro Merck St. Croix Forge And More


The type of feed you choose to give your horses can play an integral role in their well-being. That’s why we carefully hand select all the feeds we sell. We want to make sure your horses are not just eating feed that’s appropriate for their make and build, but also feed that contains vital nutrients and ingredients.

At Shoppers Supply, healthy and effective feed is the only type of feed you’ll ever find on our shelves. So come in and choose from Nutrena, Purina, and other top name brands at your nearest location.

Shop Horse Supplements

What We Carry

  • Active pleasure/maintenance
  • Breeding
  • Growing
  • Hay bales
  • Hay pellets
  • Performance
  • Senior
  • Treats
  • And more

Who We Carry

Nutrena Kruse's Perfection Purina Sacate Standlee Triple Crown Nutrition And More
Horse owners are known to be very selective about the products that they require for the equine family members, and we have been able to always find absolutely everything that we could need to keep our little horse property running. From hay to horse spray, bridles to bits, it’s all there at Shoppers Supply. Even the stuff we didn’t know we needed (and trust me, we always find plenty) is there at our local store. So, what do we love about Shoppers Supply? Everything!
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