When winter arrives, and the days get colder, many will pull their boats out of the water and put the fishing equipment away. However, if you’re not afraid to venture out, layer up on the clothing and put in a little work, this can be one of the best times to get out and go fishing! When you are the only boat on the water, like I have been many times, this leaves very little pressure on the fish. As water temperatures continue to fall and we move into the winter months, fish activity will slow down as well.
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By Ron Johnson Deciding on what fishing rod to choose can be a daunting task and an overwhelming experience at first. Fishing rods come in all lengths, models, and styles with different benefits to help your pursuit of a chosen species. If you take a set of golf clubs, for instance, each is designed with different lengths, grip, action, and weight to help maximize the best shot on the course. Finding the right fishing rod for you is just as important. Before you head to the store to make your fishing rod purchase, decide on the species you are after...
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Your business means everything to us. And to show our appreciation, we’re having a storewide sale on everything you can set your eyes on. Visit us on Sunday, October 28 as we re-open the store from 5-8pm, and enjoy 25% off clothing, footwear, and accessories. Plus, we’ll give you an extra 25% off clearance items, and 10% off everything else in the store.* If you enjoy building it, working it, raising it, growing it, or just plain roughing it, we have a sale for it. *Does not apply to gift cards and ammo.
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Join us Saturday, October 20 from 10am-1pm for tips/techniques and Q&A sessions from the professionals to prepare you for the Fall fishing and hunting season. 10 – 11 AM: Jon “Scooter” Griffith, Arizona Fishing Guides Fall Fishing Tips and Techniques Q & A 11 AM – 12 PM: Ron Johnson, Professional Angler Learning the basics for Rod & Reel Set Up 12 – 1 PM: Shawn Hancock, Firearms Instructor Reliable and Practical Gun Ownership Q&A Enjoy 10% off from 10 AM – 1 PM on Sporting Goods, Fishing Equipment, & Firearms – just for attending!...
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A town of many ranchers, horses, etc. needed a farm store like Shopper’s Supply! It has many things the local hardware & feed store does not carry and at good prices too! Employees seem friendly & helpful, so a joy to shop. Like being able to bring my dog in with me!
Mary C.
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