The Drop Shot is probably one of the most productive fishing techniques today and one that works just about anywhere in the country no matter the time of year. Although this technique is considered to have originated or taken off on the West Coast, primarily in the deeper reservoirs of California, it is believed to have been invented by the Japanese. Regardless, in the early 1990’s, Professional Angler Aaron Martens was the one credited for bringing this technique to the forefront of the bass fishing world when he began to win tournament after tournament using this technique in the deep,...
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  Calling all football fans! Arizona Cardinals player, Brett Hundley, will be at Shoppers Supply Chandler for a very special event on November 2nd from 10am-2pm. Get his autograph and your photo taken with him, bid to go on a fishing trip with him and Professional Angler, Ron Johnson, and get the chance to win a ton of other exciting prizes in a raffle! We will even have some surprise special guests! All funds raised will benefit The Hundley Foundation, which raises awareness and funds to help children and families dealing with illnesses,...
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Have you ever fished in murky waters or encountered a dirty flow right after a rain? Although that may not look too appealing to most beginner anglers, it can actually work in your favor for catching bass. It is true that bass that typically live in clear waters can experience a temporary shock to their environment when water suddenly rises or turns dirty. Bass that live in clear waters rely heavily on eyesight over other senses, so once the water gets dirty or muddy, it takes a little time for them to adjust. Bass still have to eat and, as...
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Fall is right around the corner and it’s one of my favorite times of year to fish for Big Bass in the grass. As the nights cool, baitfish will move from the main lake into the backs of creeks and flats as water temperatures also drop. Baitfish that normally roam around open water will make their move to the grass for cover and to feed which usually means the bass are not far behind. If you hear crackling or snapping noises in the grass, you have most likely found the feeding baitfish. The grass has been growing all summer...
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A town of many ranchers, horses, etc. needed a farm store like Shopper’s Supply! It has many things the local hardware & feed store does not carry and at good prices too! Employees seem friendly & helpful, so a joy to shop. Like being able to bring my dog in with me!
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