These days, we all want to save money on everything that we can. Utilities are no exception! One of the benefits of efficient irrigation is the lower number you’ll see on the water bill every month. Plus as you already know, here in the desert, water is a precious commodity. We all want to do our part to conserve it! This article will help you set up an efficient irrigation system for your land so that your plants and animals get the water they need and nothing more—so you aren’t wasting any more H2O (and money). Read on for water-saving...
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Hunting is one the most fundamental, primitive behaviors we humans can exhibit. There’s something about waking up before dawn, arming oneself with bow or firearm, and trudging through mud and brush toward wild beasts that really gives you a feeling of awe!
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Maintaining your lawn can be a challenge. The larger the lawn, the more work it takes to keep it looking nice! That’s why we’ve created this article, to provide some great Arizona lawn care tips that will make landscaping a cinch. We even provide some ideas on flowers and other plants to spruce up your landscape for spring!
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Join reps from Cargill/Nutrena and the Shoppers Supply team for our Chicken Chat Workshop! Come into our stores and learn everything you need to know about chickens, from hatch to adult, including proper feeding, housing and care. From new customers to experienced farm owners, our chicken experts are here to help by addressing any questions or concerns you may have, so you can raise your chickens the best way possible! Whether you already have chickens of your own that you want to learn more about or are waiting to learn the basics of chicken care before making the purchase, this...
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The weather is nice here in Arizona, and you know what that means—outdoor parties! With temperatures in the 60s and 70s every night, now is the time to open the windows, set out the patio furniture, and fire up the grill with family and friends. Grilling is an art, not a science, so you can get pretty creative with how, and what, you cook for dinner.
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A town of many ranchers, horses, etc. needed a farm store like Shopper’s Supply! It has many things the local hardware & feed store does not carry and at good prices too! Employees seem friendly & helpful, so a joy to shop. Like being able to bring my dog in with me!
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Keeping Your Livestock Healthy Year-Round
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