Horse owners are known to be very selective about the products that they require for the equine family members, and we have been able to always find absolutely everything that we could need to keep our little horse property running. From hay to horse spray, bridles to bits, it’s all there at Shoppers Supply. Even the stuff we didn’t know we needed (and trust me, we always find plenty) is there at our local store.

So, what do we love about Shoppers Supply? Everything!

- Jeff T.

I love Shoppers. I buy my pellets, supplements, dog stuff, and extras I see there. I love driving thru for those things to be loaded up.

- Allison H.

Awesome store!! Please go here for anything for your animals or gardening or tools!!

- Amanda Y.
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You’ll be blown away by how cool the store is – they have everything!

- Heather R.
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Shoppers is like a horse-person’s DISNEYLAND! I always need adult supervision, or I buy things that I don’t need, just because they have them!

- Jill C.

I like to bring my dog to Shoppers, I love the variety of things I can get at Shoppers.

The staff is always very helpful. I have bought plumbing supplies, hunting gear, dog food, wood for smoking meat, pet supplies, camping supplies, pesticide, clothing, boots, ammo, tools, and everything at a good price.

- Joe W.

You are a one stop, get everything you need, store! It is a livestock shower’s dream! Where else can you get feed for your livestock and clothes, boots, etc. to wear to the show! All that and free popcorn!

- Domenick D.

You have a good selection of products and I encourage all my friends to give you a try. I have purchased boots, power yard equipment, oil, fertilizer, weed killer and other items. You had some pulleys that I was looking for that I could find nowhere else.

Thanks, and I wish you success.

- Andy K.

We like the prices on the horse feed and the variety! There are a lot of choices, we can find other things that we need such as tractor oil and auto needs. It is close to our small farm & we don’t have far to drive. The people that work there are very helpful and go out of their way to give us a hand.

- Cal & Denise T.
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Love this store! They have it all. Clothes, boots, hats and good prices and great quality items.

- Bambi E.
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This is definitely my new favorite, so excited to have you in Chandler!

- Audra O.

I have loved Shoppers from the time they opened their Apache Junction store. They have very competitive prices on feeds that many places do not carry such as the Nutrena rabbit feed. They also were and probably are still the only place to carry the extra pans for dog crates, and they are very good priced. Lately we noticed that they have started to carry Coolstance supplement for horses which on this side of town was very hard to find. Staff has always been friendly and helpful and we have almost always found what we needed or they looked into ordering it for us. Even with tractor supply opening we still prefer Shoppers. For a small run store they have a good selection and we hate to go elsewhere. Thank you for being such a great store.

- David and Rondel P.

I love the variety at Shoppers Supply. I bring my son and can wander around for hours looking at everything. I love that I can buy my boots, an outfit and ammo all in one stop. I think the pricing on the boots is fair and the same with the ammo.

- Ilana K.

I like Shoppers because it reminds me of the family owned stores that I grew up with going to every Saturday with my father. I could spend hours in there just looking at everything. It brings back memories of how we used to get personal service from family owned business. Shoppers stores are a rare breed. You just can’t get service and all the different products from the other big chain stores.

- Victor J.

My husband and I like your store layout. You have a great selection of items that are easy to reach. The staff have been courteous and kind to the Senior Citizens. We are glad your store is located close to Sun Lakes.

Thank you,

- Betty & Doug E.

We shop the Chandler store and really love the firearms and ammo section along with your shooting and hunting related items. So glad you opened a store in our city.

Thanks Shoppers!

- Jim F.

I love Shoppers, it’s my favorite shop! What I love about it, the staff are always super friendly and we take our Great Dane and Lab into the store every Saturday when I get to go ammo and supplies shopping.

It’s the perfect store that has everything from dog food and garden supplies to firearms.

Thank you,

- Stewart M.

I have always been treated with respect and a sincere effort to help me find whatever I need.

I am also very impressed with the wealth of information that your store staff offered when I expressed a serious interest in horse husbandry as I was about to become a horse owner for the first time.

Thank you for all your help! A loyal customer for life.

- Diana R.

I love all the horse items at Shoppers the staff is always very helpful and friendly!

- Kathy

Shoppers has great selection and prices on tack and feed. We go to Shoppers weekly! We love the store!

- Leigh S.

I love Shoppers Supply because I like quality western-style footwear and handbags. Two of my favorite brands are Justin and American West, both of which are stocked by Shoppers Supply. The only drawback is that the store location places me very close to the source of my temptation!

- Heather M.

First off let me say I LOVE SHOPPERS! I’ve been to both AJ and Chandler location. Chandler location is way better because it’s bigger and sells more things like GUNS! AJ is closer to home and the Store Manager is so nice and helpful. It’s a great store with a one stop shop with great prices.

Loyal customer,

- Cynthia F.

My favorite part is the complete lineup of Stihl products. I went in to purchase a backpack blower, and ended up spotting several other must have products. It is pretty impressive having the complete selection of all the Stihl products in one place. Additionally, the staff spotted me and came over to provide excellent customer service. They answered all my questions, and gave me some good recommendations. Overall, good shopping experience.

- Mike K.
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This place is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

- David S.

My favorite part about Shoppers is that I can get a little of everything here. I can get all my Horse, Dog, House Supplies all at one place.

- Taryn M.

A town of many ranchers, horses, etc. needed a farm store like Shopper’s Supply! It has many things the local hardware & feed store does not carry and at good prices too! Employees seem friendly & helpful, so a joy to shop. Like being able to bring my dog in with me!

- Mary C.

We have been going to Shoppers for a number of supplies ever since it first opened in Apache Junction, AZ and later in Chandler, AZ. We shop for a variety of things from horse supplies, to boots, guns, western wear, tools, hardware, etc. Shoppers offers competitive prices as well as great customer service. We highly recommend our friends, family and neighbors to shop there.

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I have an 82 year old father who is old-fashioned. He isn’t so much concerned about price as he is service, especially good service and not having to run all over town to find what he needs. He is a rural guy, laughs at city slickers, and is saddened by the big box stores running others out of town. They don’t usually carry what a rural shopper needs. He loves Shoppers, even to just come in and look around. And he is not a “look around” type guy. They have what he needs and cover a variety of items. You can come in for feed and at the same time pick up a nice pair of boots. It saves time and time saves money. Shoppers gives you a feeling that they are keeping the “Rural Guy” in mind. Thanks Shoppers for being brave enough to come into a big City and show them that your service is still wanted and needed.

- Karen J.

Being a farm boy from Iowa living in Chandler, I like walking into your huge, unique store knowing there is no other store like it in the area. Sure, you have neat little food items at the front door that are fun to buy and take home to enjoy. And then the clothing as you walk into the store. The boots, I love the boots, being from the farm and all.

Then, I turn and see more clothes, leather items, household items, crazy little signs to post outside your door or garage, the guns, oh let me talk about the guns. The guns are great. Such a long display case, so many kinds and models. Then comes the ammo. Who says you can’t buy ammo today?

The gun safes are there too as I continue to look at the hunting items and gun accessories and then head east again to experience tool city, sometimes moving back to the far southern wall to pick up leather conditioning products, but always, ALWAYS, stopping to buy some bolts washer and nuts, or wire, or other hardware item I just can’t find or be able to buy anywhere else.

If I had a use for those cow tanks, I would buy one but the cows have been out of my life since I left that Iowa farm many decades ago. Perhaps make a fish tank? Humm, may have to consider that.

So, what do I like best? I like it all as a whole. Don’t change a thing. Just drive more traffic into your store and prices us consumers pay can stay low and that amazing variety and high inventory can be maintained.

I’m walking out the store now and yes, I notice and sometimes look at the rows of John Deere tractor toys and other brands I will be buying soon when my young grandchildren (both boys) can appreciate them. Maybe even this Christmas.

Thanks for coming from Iowa and bringing some of it with you. It is very noticeable and it feels just like the days I went into the farm store in Forest City, Iowa. Only better. Much, much better. In fact, it’s perfect folks. Thanks!

- M.D. Anderson

Where should I start? I love the Chandler store. When it opened, all the employees made us feel very welcome, like we almost family. Your employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It was not about how much money we were spending, it was about the shopping “experience” of just being there and enjoying our time (which we did- we were there almost 2 hours).

I am 100% disabled veteran in wheelchair and I usually can only be in my chair for an hour at the most…but I loved being at the store so much I was able to deal with my pain.

I also love that your store prides itself in trying to stock mostly American Made products.

Keep Up the Great Work!

- Pamala P. & Bruce F.

I like the large selection of items, the friendly service, and the prices.

- John H.

I love Shoppers Supply for the variety, value and customer service. I find everything I need for myself, my yard, my pets and horses. I have always found the employees to be extremely helpful and James and the equine crew are the best!! In all of the years of getting hay deliveries I have never come home to find everything all cleaned up until you delivered. I love the store!

- Robbie S.

We like the popcorn. We also like the friendly (like home) atmosphere of the store. The variety of items to interest women and men is terrific. We also like the unique items at check-out. Where else do we find Monkey butt cream?

We are Shoppers shoppers for life.

- Jack & Gidget

The story of shoppers...

I have always dreamed of having a big nice tack shop here in the Phoenix area that had English supplies. When I first went to the wonderful store I was beyond happy. The customer service is the best I have ever experienced. All the employees were so nice and friendly and gave me the best experience I could have. Being a horse person in one of the most expensive sports, having an INEXPENSIVE AND GOOD QUALITY products make life just that much easier. Overall Shoppers Supply is my favorite tack shop and my favorite everything shop.

From your loving customer,

- Julia
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