Top 10 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Arizona

If your dog is your best friend, then you probably hate leaving him or her at home when you go out for a bite to eat with your friends. Believe us, we can relate. As you go to grab your keys, they stare at you with those puppy dog eyes, making you second guess leaving the house in the first place! But instead of staying in every night, why not grab the leash and bring your dog with you! Just be sure you take them somewhere that welcomes dogs. To help you out, we have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite dog-friendly restaurants in Arizona, more specifically in the Phoenix Metro area.

Living in Arizona, we are blessed with beautiful weather eight months out of the year. As a result of this weather, more and more restaurants are becoming dog-friendly, opening or adding-on patios that allow owners to bring our furry friends with us as we dine! But now for the hard part: How to pick and choose the perfect restaurant to bring your dog to? From casual bar food to Italian, our list has it all. So pack up and put a leash on your pup, because you’re going out to eat!

  1. Uncle Bear’s (Queen Creek, Mesa, Ahwatukee, and Chandler, AZ)

    Oz and Benson the dogs
    Uncle Bear’s

With a name like Uncle Bear’s (named after none other than a much loved Labrador mix named Bear), you know this place is going to be the epitome of dog-friendly. Grab a beer and a burger, and the waiter will bring your pup a nice cold bowl of water. Enjoy the food and the atmosphere with great company, humans and dogs! Best buds Oz and Benson are sitting patiently hoping (begging) for some food at the Chandler Uncle Bear’s patio as their humans dig in.

  1. BLD (Chandler, AZ)

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. BLD serves it all! And with a menu of comfort-food that is centered on the idea of local-first, you and your dogs will love everything they have to offer. Just be sure to go sit out on the patio and leash your dog up!

  1. Four Peaks (Tempe, AZ)

Lexi the dog
Four Peaks

One of the most popular local breweries in the state, Four Peaks has a great patio, not to mention some great beers! While not 100% dog friendly, you can sit at one of the many tables along the fencing of the patio and have your dog sit just outside of the fence, so technically they aren’t inside, but they’re still able to hang out, enjoy a bowl of fresh water and keep you company! Lexi, a Terrier mix, is having a blast peeking her head through the fence at the Four Peaks patio.

  1.  Postino (Phoenix, Tempe and Gilbert, AZ)

Pixel the dog

With four locations (two of which are in Phoenix) and a dog-friendly patio at each, Postino is an excellent restaurant to bring your dog, especially if you’re looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary! Calling themselves the Valley’s original WineCafe, Postino is known for their delectable bruschetta boards and favored wine selection. Pixel, a Boxer/Pit Bull mix puppy, is enjoying the view from the Postino patio in Tempe.

  1. Handlebar (Tempe, AZ)

Located in the heart of Tempe on the infamous Mill Avenue, Handlebar has a large outdoor beer garden style patio that happily welcomes dogs! While their menu is short and simple, the kitchen is open late, and they have an awesome happy hour, so whether you and your four-legged friend are looking for a quick bite to eat or are looking to stay awhile and hang out with a bigger group, Handlebar is a cool spot to check out.

  1. Farm Kitchen at The Farm at South Mountain (Phoenix, AZ)

Benson the dog
The Farm

Whether you are new to Arizona or not, if you haven’t been to the Farm Kitchen at The Farm at South Mountain, it’s a must! From casual Sunday brunch to lavish weddings, The Farm at South Mountain is home to it all. Not to mention, the food they serve at the Farm Kitchen is exceptional! Bring the whole family (including the dog!) to The Farm for a long lunch which you can enjoy out in the Pecan grove. Don’t forget to try Morning Glory Café, which is another dog-friendly restaurant at The Farm at South Mountain!

  1. Windsor (Phoenix, AZ)

Windsor, located in central Phoenix, is a local favorite with a beautiful patio your dogs will love hanging out on. The restaurant has $5 happy hour prices and a menu that can’t be beat! Stop by Windsor for lunch or dinner, and then head on over to their sister company Churn for a scoop (or two) of ice cream!

  1. OHSO + nanoBrewery (Phoenix, AZ)

A popular nanoBrewery in Phoenix, AZ, OHSO is oh so dog-friendly! They have a patio with plenty of outdoor seating and grass for your dogs to play in! Not to mention they offer some of the best local beers and great American classics on the menu.

  1. La Grande Orange (Phoenix, AZ)

La Grande Orange, more commonly referred to as LGO by the locals, is made up of a grocery, pizzeria and bake shop. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, you and your dog can go any time of day and enjoy the delicious food while eating outside on the dog-friendly patio!

  1. Salut (Tempe, AZ)

Last on our list, but certainly not least is Salut, a restaurant and wine bar in Tempe, AZ that offers a mix of Mediterranean and American cuisine, an excellent wine list, and an even greater happy hour menu. While at first glance you may not think a wine bar like Salut to be dog-friendly, but they actually have an entire page on their website dedicated to their dog-friendly patio.

So there you have it, our top ten list of the best dog-friendly restaurants in the greater Phoenix area! And don’t forget, restaurants aren’t the only places that are dog-friendly! All of our Shoppers Supply locations happily allow pets in the store, so stop by and bring your dog to come shop with you. Heck, they may even get a free treat from the cashier if they’re lucky.

From restaurants to dog-friendly hotels, websites like BringFido are great resources for dog owners to take advantage of when looking for even more dog-friendly spots in their area.

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