Ron’s Catch – June Tips & Tricks

Ron Johnson fishThe summer may be quickly approaching, but the fishing can be just as hot as the summer sun. With the warm days upon us, there is still some opportunity to take advantage of some great fishing. If you like to head up to the mountains on the weekends to escape the heat, the lakes in the high country offer some fantastic trout fishing and some cooler weather. Whether you’re heading up to your favorite lake or a secret stream, the trout fishing tends to be best in the early morning hours and the last few hours before sunset. In-line spinners such as Rooster Tails, Mepps, Kastmasters and even the Yo-Zuri Pinn’s minnow, which is one of my favorites, can make for some fast action. These can be used when casting off the shore and trolling. If you’re someone who prefers live bait, try smaller redworms, crawlers or the NEW Baitmate Ultra Live Baits with a split shot about two feet from the bait leaving it rest near the bottom for trout that push deeper in the mid-day sun.

For you Bass Anglers, the mornings are always special if you’re an early riser. The surface temperature usually cools during the nights and the best time to get those active feeding fish will be once again early and late in the day. My recommendation would be to cover water quickly for those active fish using a combination of topwater lures such as Poppers and Buzzbaits, then also try the Jerkbait and paddletail swimbaits. You will often see Bass chasing baitfish or busting the surface which will help you locate an active school. Once the sun rises and the action tapers off, slow down your presentation and move deeper as these fish will be a bit more sluggish during those long summer days. Look for transition areas closer to deeper water, steeper rock or cliff walls as these tend to be some of my favorite areas to target. It’s hard to beat a jig, or drop shot with a finesse worm during this time, but don’t forget to try the Shakey head or a Texas Rigged worm. Remember to be patient and work slow. Bites may not be fast and furious, but when you do get a strike, be ready as summer can often produce some of the biggest bass of the year.

-By Ron Johnson

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