Ron's Catch - August Tips & Tricks

Summer Frog Fishing

by Ron Johnson

When the weather heats up and the aquatic vegetation starts to grow, one of my favorite lures to throw is a plastic frog. The frog lure especially excels in the summer months, but I like to throw it anytime water reaches or exceeds 55 to 60 degrees if conditions are right.

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes, but I prefer a frog with a tapered or pointed nose for the most part as they tend to come through the thickest of vegetation without getting hung up. I also like to switch things up and keep a popping frog on the deck too working it over moderate to scattered grass or even open water. The popping frog can spit water creating noise much like a conventional popper which can draw some vicious strikes. When the water heats up, I look for the heaviest vegetation first such as matted grass, pads and docks if possible. Bass will often gravitate to these areas for shade where water is usually cooler, but also use these areas to feed and ambush prey.

My favorite colors tend to be shades of green with yellow. These natural colors look like most frogs, and bluegill, although black can be a great color dark or dirty water. Tackle manufacturers have really come a long way and there are countless colors and frog models to choose from, so have fun experimenting and be ready for some killer action.

When fishing frogs, I prefer and extra heavy Duckett Fishing Baitcast Rod in a 7″6 length. I also recommend using 50 to 65lb Seaguar Smackdown Braided line on a 7:1 Duckett Baitcast reel. This combination gives you the power you need for hooksetting, and more importantly getting the fish out and away from the cover as quickly as possible.

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