Protecting your dog from the hot pavement during summer walks

Summer has arrived, and as the temperature rises, many dog owners are ready to walk their four-legged companions. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that hot pavement might critically injure your dog’s paws. It is our duty as pet owners to make sure that our pets are secure and safe while getting their daily exercise.

A burned paw is one of the worst and most common injuries dogs sustain in the summer. According to Fulton Homes Cause For Paws, when it’s 104 degrees outside, sidewalk temperatures hit 149 degrees while asphalt can rise to 162 degrees. Paws can burn on a 140-degree surface in just one minute.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to keep your dog’s paws safe from the hot pavement, so they can enjoy their walks without pain or harm.

How to protect your dog’s paws from the hot pavement

Protecting your dog’s paws from the heat is essential during summer, as hot pavement or sand can quickly burn and damage their delicate paw pads. Here are some tips to help prevent scorched paws:

Avoid walking your dog during the hottest parts of the day

Schedule walks during the early morning or late evening hours when the ground is cooler. Avoid walking your dog on hot pavement or sand.

Test the pavement temperature

Before you take your dog out for a walk, place your hand on the pavement for a few seconds to test its temperature. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

Use paw protectants

Many paw protectants on the market can act as a barrier between your dog’s paw pads and the scorching pavement, including wax and balms. These treatments can aid in soothing and moisturizing chapped or dry paws.

Consider booties

Booties are a good technique to effectively protect your dog’s paws from the heat. Just be sure to pick a breathable, light material that won’t cause your dog’s paws to become too hot. It may take some time and practice for your pup to get used to their new booties, but it is a great way to protect their paws from the hot pavement.

Keep your dog’s paws clean and moisturized

Cleaning your dog’s paws on a regular basis may help in getting rid of any dirt or debris that might irritate them or infect them. You can use a moisturizing oil or balm to keep their paw pads flexible and soft.

Provide access to shade and water

If you’re spending time outdoors with your dog, ensure they have access to plenty of shade and water to help them stay cool and hydrated.

How to check if your dog has burned paws

Take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as you can because the burns may become infected. Depending on the extent of the burn, your dog may require antibiotics or pain medicine. The veterinarian can also rule out alternative explanations for the symptoms.

If your dog exhibits any of the following signs, they may have burned paws:

Limping or favoring one paw

If your dog is walking with a limp or seems to be favoring one paw over the others, it could be a sign that their paws are burned.

Excessive licking or chewing of paws

If your dog is constantly licking or chewing on their paws, it could be a sign that they are experiencing pain or discomfort from burns.

Red or inflamed paws

If your dog’s paws are red or swollen, this could indicate that they have sustained burns from walking on hot pavement.

Blisters or open sores

In severe cases, burns on your dog’s paws can result in blisters or open sores. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to seek veterinary attention right away.

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