Essential Equine Grooming Supplies: Must-Haves for a Well-Groomed Horse

At Shoppers Supply, we understand the importance of keeping your horse looking and feeling its best. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of must-have horse grooming supplies to help you achieve outstanding results. From brushes and combs designed to keep your horse’s coat sleek and shiny to specialized tools for mane and tail care, our selection covers all aspects of grooming. We know every horse is unique, so we offer various products suitable for coat types and sensitivities.

Investing in the proper horse grooming supplies enhances your horse’s appearance and improves overall well-being. Regular grooming promotes healthy skin, stimulates blood circulation, and helps identify any potential issues before they escalate.

This blog discusses the essential grooming items required to maintain your horse.

Elevate Your Equine Grooming Routine

Give your horses a shiny coat with our equine grooming supplies. A good grooming session using our products will have your horses looking great in no time. We carry top brand names, including St. Croix Forge and Mane ‘n Tail.

Shoppers Supply offers a combination of convenience, quality products, expert guidance, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a reliable choice for horse owners.


High-quality brushes are essential for keeping your horse’s coat in top condition. From soft-bristle body brushes for removing dust and dirt to stiff-bristle brushes for tackling tougher debris, brushes help distribute natural oils, stimulate the skin, and promote a healthy, shiny coat. Choose from various brush types, such as curry combs, dandy brushes, and finishing brushes, to groom your horse from head to tail.


Clippers are a valuable tool for maintaining a neat appearance for your horse. Clippers provide precise and controlled cutting, whether you need to trim the mane, tail, or body. Opt for clippers designed for equine use, as they are powerful enough to handle the thickness of horse hair. Regular trimming with clippers helps manage excessive hair growth and ensures your horse remains comfortable during warmer months.

Detanglers & shine products

Detanglers and shine products are designed to keep your horse’s mane, tail, and coat looking their best. Detanglers help remove knots and tangles, making grooming more accessible and pleasant for your horse. Shine products, such as sprays or serums, add a lustrous finish to the coat, enhancing its natural radiance. These products make grooming a breeze and improve your horse’s overall appearance.

Hoof care

Maintaining healthy hooves is crucial for your horse’s overall well-being. Hoof care products include hoof picks, brushes, and oils. Hoof picks help remove debris and dirt from the hooves, preventing discomfort and potential hoof issues. Brushes clean and polish the hooves, promoting a neat and healthy appearance. Hoof oils or conditioners provide hydration and nourishment, keeping the hooves supple and resilient.

Shampoo & conditioners

Shampoo and conditioners formulated for horse’s help keep the coat clean, fresh, and manageable. Horse-specific shampoos remove dirt, sweat, and stains without stripping away natural oils. Conditioning products provide moisture and nourishment to the coat, reducing tangles and maintaining a silky-smooth texture. Choose gentle, pH-balanced formulations to ensure your horse’s skin and coat stay healthy and vibrant.

Other products

We also carry a wide variety of tack gear, stable supplies, feed, and health and wellness products.

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At Shoppers Supply, we’re passionate about helping you create a bond with your horse that extends beyond the saddle. Explore our range of must-have equine grooming supplies and unlock the secrets to a well-groomed horse. 

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