Ron's Catch - Tips to Choosing the Best Fishing Line

Fishing Line…Which one to choose?

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Many choices are available for fishing line and understanding which fishing line to use can be confusing. When you walk down the aisle of the fishing department it’s not unusual to see the same type of fishing line from various manufacturers, so which one do you choose?

It is important to know the maximum fishing line size and capacity for your fishing reel. Most fishing reels will have a line size/yard printed on the spool. Using a heavier fishing line diameter exceeding the recommended for that reel can drastically reduce casting distance or lead to other issues.

3 basic categories exist for fishing line. Most outdoor retailers will carry Monofilament/Co-Polymer, Fluorocarbon, and Braided Line selections. Picking your preferred brand will come from personal choice or confidence you have in a particular type of line over time.

Each type offers specific benefits and is a critical component to help maximize your casting distance, hook setting, lure depth, lure action, maintaining fish control, and most importantly land more fish.

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1. Fluorocarbon

Personally, I prefer to use Fluorocarbon fishing line most of the time. Although Fluorocarbon can be a bit pricier than Monofilament, it has many benefits. Fluorocarbon has less stretch than Monofilament making it more sensitive to feeling bites. It also sinks which helps lures reach optimal depth quicker, absorbs less water throughout the day for improved casting distance, and is invisible to fish.

2. Monofilament

Monofilament is a great choice for some topwater applications such as a Zara Spook or walking baits. Here you want a line that floats to keep the lure from pulling down under surface, and a little stretch in line to maximize action of lure. Some also prefer Monofilament when using crankbaits or swimbaits and even when pitching lures around docks, rocks or brush because it’s a bit more abrasive resistant. Monofilament can get a little nicked up without sacrificing the complete integrity of your fishing line.Shoppers Supply Fishing supplies

3. Nylon/Braided lines

The most noticeable property of Braided lines is the high strength to diameter ratio. Another benefit is the zero stretch in line, making it incredibly sensitive. There is little to no memory or line twist in Braided line, making it a favorite amongst anglers today. It can take a beating without breaking and lasts a long time without breaking down like other fishing lines. Braided line is also great for flipping into heavy cover and when using topwater frogs or Buzzbaits.

Hopefully these quick tips will help give you a better starting point when picking out fishing line for your next fishing day.


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