Ron's Catch - Get the Most Out of Your Braided Line

Braided fishing line has become incredibly popular over recent years due to its strength to diameter, sensitivity, abrasion resistance, and its lack of memory which usually causes other lines to twist and can frustrate any angler. Although this super line has made its way to the top of every anglers list of preferred fishing lines, it can be quite pricey compared to other fishing line choices.

The average angler only casts 30 to 50 yards on a good cast, so most of the line spooled up never hits the water. I used to change out my whole spool of line once the last 30 to 50 yards of braid became frayed or looked to be overused. The frequency you fish will also dictate how often you may need a fresh spool of braided fishing line.

Some may think pulling off the remaining line and get down to the fresh line deeper in the spool would solve the problem, but then this reduces casting distance. To solve this issue, I always have a back-up fishing reel handy, which allows me to quickly transfer my line and get to a fresh full spool of line without throwing anything away or needing to buy new line.

Fishing reel taken apart

Here is how you do it:

  1. Swap your current reel with your backup reel and attach it to your fishing rod.Fishing reel
  2. Spool up 1/4 to 1/3 backer depending on the size of your spool and line diameter of the braid you’re going to pair up with that reel. Any older line or a cheaper monofilament which will be sufficient. Remember there is no need to remove backer on your reels since you will never cast far enough to get down to the middle of your spool. If you’re there, that’s a sign it’s time to respool your reel.
  3. Run the braided line from the current reel through guides of rod and connect to the backer line on the reel you plan to transfer to.
  4. Reel your line keeping slight tension and watch it transfer to the choice reel until the   spool is full.
  5. You’re now looking at a fresh new spool of braided line and ready to go fishing!

This tip (one of my favorites) will allow you to get twice as much life out of your braid and allow you to spend your money on other needed tackle items during your next visit to Shoppers Supply!

Final Product:

Fishing reel








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