Ron's Catch - Don't Let Sunscreen Ruin Your Gear

Baitmate fish attractantIf you spend any amount of time in the sun, you understand the importance of using a good sunscreen. Even when it is chilly or cloudy outside. While I can’t stress protecting your skin from harmful sunrays enough, you must take extra steps to keep it away from your tackle and equipment.

Sunscreen comes in a variety of applicators-from pumps, to squeeze bottles and sprays. I personally prefer the lotion style, which may take longer to apply, but it does apply more evenly and is less likely to damage your tackle, among other things.

Have you ever used a can of sunscreen spray and noticed that the spray is going everywhere, especially when there is wind or a slight breeze? I can tell you from experience that it gets on everything much like a can of spray paint, except you don’t often see it until it’s too late.

If you decide to use a spray sunscreen, my recommendation is to do it on shore, away from your boat and tackle. If it gets on your equipment, the sunscreen will breakdown your fishing line, pit any acrylic on your boat, and put a negative film onto your fishing lure.


In addition, I highly recommend removing your favorite pair of sunglasses and putting them somewhere temporarily where they will not be in contact with the sunscreen. This can be a costly mistake, and I have lost several pairs over the years from others spraying sunscreen near me.

When you apply sunscreen, be sure to wash your hands, and then mask any negative smells you may have inadvertently transferred to lure by applying Baitmate Fish Attractant to it. Applying a natural fish scent is a practice you should get into a habit of applying to any presentation, especially after you just lathered up with sunscreen because it can detract the fish.

Hopefully, these tips for applying sunscreen will not only save you from getting a sunburn but also save you money by protecting your fishing gear.

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