Must-Have Tools for Any Toolbox

When your family needs a handyman to fix a leaky sink or it’s time to remodel your home (on a budget), a properly filled toolbox is a necessity. With the right tools, DIY projects and repairs can be fun and rewarding! Of course, if you’re a novice homeowner or new to the whole “DIY project” thing, it can be a bit overwhelming. But Shoppers Supply is here to help!

Read on for the must-have tools for any toolbox, along with typical—and even some bonus—uses for each one!

Essential Tools


Building a collection of essential tools starts with the item that you’ll store them in: a toolbox! A good toolbox is large enough to store all of your tools in an organized fashion. You can start with one that’s relatively small, and graduate to a larger one later as you add more tools to your collection. You can also choose to use a bag instead of a box if you prefer. Some bags can even roll like a suitcase!

Claw Hammer

A good claw hammer should last for years. Go for a classic 16 ounce hammer. It’s heavy enough for home repairs as well as demolition jobs, but light enough to carry around for as long as you need it.

Choosing a hammer is a lot like picking out a golf club—you should try it out and make sure it’s comfortable and not too top-heavy. In addition, opt for synthetic as opposed to the old-fashioned wooden hammer, since wood breaks easily. A vibration-dampening coating on the grip can be a nice feature to keep hands comfortable while hammering in nails or knocking down walls. You can even use a hammer and nail to get a cork out of your wine bottle!

Screwdriver set

You should invest in a set of screwdrivers, which includes a mix of flatheads as well as Phillips heads in different sizes. The different sizes are convenient because you never know when you’ll need to fix something with screws that are too small for a regular-size screwdriver. A set of six is all you need to get started.

Screwdriver sets with color coded handles make it easy for you to choose the right driver from the tool box. Most even include a couple of different size drivers for kitchen cabinets in case the screws need tightening, or for when you’re installing new ones.


A set of pliers will give you an extra hand when you need it! Locking pliers can lock in place, and are very versatile. They can be used as pliers, a pipe or adjustable wrench, wire cutters, or a clamp. For electrical work, pick up a pair of needle nose pliers. Their small size makes them perfect for getting into small cavities, where they can cut, bend, grip, or strip wires. Another option is combination pliers, which can be used for holding objects in addition to cutting and bending wire.

Adjustable wrench

To manipulate hex nuts and bolts during home repair and DIY projects, a few different-sized adjustable wrenches are necessary. A combination wrench is a good complement to your wrench collection because it covers the gaps that adjustable wrenches can’t handle. For car repairs and other jobs, a crescent wrench is very efficient. For big jobs with lots of nut and bolt tightening, use a socket wrench. A 3/8 inch socket wrench with a couple of extenders and set of sockets will work.

Electric drill

The electric drill will probably be the most-used tool in your entire toolbox, so make it your best investment! Cordless drills are very convenient. You can use it for everything, from drilling holes into sheetrock to driving screws into a 2×4. Choose a drill with lots of power, such as a 12 volt. It’s a good size and has the power to do most handyman work around the house.

Don’t forget the drill bit set! You may want to have an assortment of metal drill bits, wood drill bits, and universal drill bits to cover any and all indoor/outdoor projects you want to do.


Whether you’re hanging up pictures or installing new kitchen cabinets, a straight-line is key. An old-fashioned analog model level is all you need to get it right. The last thing you want is to have your family complaining about crooked pictures on the wall! To get it on straight, use a level. It’s inexpensive and will save you a lot of time!

Utility knife

You’ll get your money’s worth out of your trusty utility knife! A good-quality one can do a lot for you, such as opening heavily taped boxes, cutting away carpet edges when installing new carpet, or scraping away resin or paint that could keep a window stuck. Every indoor and outdoor project you can tackle will likely call for the utility knife at some point! Pick up one that’s retractable so the blade stays sharp and so you don’t cut yourself when reaching into your toolbox.

Hand saw

For tree-trimming or lumber-cutting for a home improvement project, you’ll need a good hand saw. A crosscut saw cuts against the grain on a piece of wood, making it perfect for tree branches and 2×4’s. For serious wood-working that involves cutting shapes in wood, invest in a scroll saw. Scroll saws are typically mounted on a bench or table. You guide the wood through the blade as it cuts and shapes.

Tape Measure

No toolbox is complete without a tape measure! Whether you’re building a new entertainment center and need to measure the flat screen TV, or installing new appliances, a tape measure is invaluable. You’ll need an easy-locking, metal measure that’s at least 12 feet. You can buy tape measures that are longer, but 12 feet should be enough for the majority of projects. A tape measure that’s ¾ inches wide will do, any skinnier and the measure may fall out of place.

Time to Get the Job Done!

Now that you have the “nuts and bolts” of basic tools you need for your toolbox, it’s time to get the job done! You can find all of these tools and more at your local Shoppers Supply. We’ve got a great selection of DeWalt, Stanley, and other brands, plus toolboxes and storage for you to keep them all in once you finish that DIY project. Visit our Chandler or Apache Junction location today!

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