Karen J.

September 25, 2014

I have an 82 year old father who is old-fashioned. He isn’t so much concerned about price as he is service, especially good service and not having to run all over town to find what he needs. He is a rural guy, laughs at city slickers, and is saddened by the big box stores running others out of town. They don’t usually carry what a rural shopper needs. He loves Shoppers, even to just come in and look around. And he is not a “look around” type guy. They have what he needs and cover a variety of items. You can come in for feed and at the same time pick up a nice pair of boots. It saves time and time saves money. Shoppers gives you a feeling that they are keeping the “Rural Guy” in mind. Thanks Shoppers for being brave enough to come into a big City and show them that your service is still wanted and needed.