M.D. Anderson

September 25, 2014

Being a farm boy from Iowa living in Chandler, I like walking into your huge, unique store knowing there is no other store like it in the area. Sure, you have neat little food items at the front door that are fun to buy and take home to enjoy. And then the clothing as you walk into the store. The boots, I love the boots, being from the farm and all.

Then, I turn and see more clothes, leather items, household items, crazy little signs to post outside your door or garage, the guns, oh let me talk about the guns. The guns are great. Such a long display case, so many kinds and models. Then comes the ammo. Who says you can’t buy ammo today?

The gun safes are there too as I continue to look at the hunting items and gun accessories and then head east again to experience tool city, sometimes moving back to the far southern wall to pick up leather conditioning products, but always, ALWAYS, stopping to buy some bolts washer and nuts, or wire, or other hardware item I just can’t find or be able to buy anywhere else.

If I had a use for those cow tanks, I would buy one but the cows have been out of my life since I left that Iowa farm many decades ago. Perhaps make a fish tank? Humm, may have to consider that.
So, what do I like best? I like it all as a whole. Don’t change a thing. Just drive more traffic into your store and prices us consumers pay can stay low and that amazing variety and high inventory can be maintained.

I’m walking out the store now and yes, I notice and sometimes look at the rows of John Deere tractor toys and other brands I will be buying soon when my young grandchildren (both boys) can appreciate them. Maybe even this Christmas.

Thanks for coming from Iowa and bringing some of it with you. It is very noticeable and it feels just like the days I went into the farm store in Forest City, Iowa. Only better. Much, much better. In fact, it’s perfect folks. Thanks!